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Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute is a liquid rocket engine research and development organization in China, which is a subsidiary of the 6th Academy of CASC(China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation ). It was founded in Beijing on April 2nd, 1958, and moved to Fengxian county, Shaanxi province in 1970. It settled in the ancient city of Xi'an in 1993.
Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute has more than 1500 employees, including over 1000 R&D personnel, among which more than 600 hold advanced degrees (M.S. or above) and more than 400 have senior professional titles. Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute has the qualification to offer both doctoral and master's degree programs in Theory and Engineering of Aeronautic and Astronautic Propulsion; and also master's degree programs in Fluid Machinery and Engineering, and Engineering Mechanics.
In the past five decades, Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute has developed more than 60 types of liquid rocket engines for applications in missile, rocket, satellite and spacecraft, and has taken part in every launch of satellites and other major space programs in China, including launches of China's first artificial satellite Dongfanghong, which broadcasted the music piece of Dongfanghong after reaching orbit, first atomic bomb, first missile, first manned spacecraft Shengzhou and first lunar probe Chang'e. The engines developed by Xi'an Space Propulsion Institute have always been creating legends of high reliability and success rate, and have made outstanding contributions for modernization of China's space industry and national defense.
At present, Xi'an Space Propulsion Institute undertakes the missions of: developing engines for the Long March launch vehicle series; developing engines for divert and attitude control, developing high-pressure and staged-combustion liquid oxygen/kerosene engine for new generation launch vehicle, and developing advanced air-breathing propulsion system. Taking the advantage of advanced and mature space technology, Xi'an Space Propulsion Institute has made unremitting efforts to tap into civil market, and has successfully developed series products such as special pump, special sealing products, and measuring and testing system applied in the fields of energy saving and environment protection, petrochemical, mechanical manufacturing and metallurgy, with customers across the country. Xi'an Space Propulsion Institute wholly-owns Xi'an Hangtian Yuandongli Engineering Company Ltd., is the controlling shareholder of Xi'an Hangtian Yuanzheng Fluid Control Company Ltd., and also takes an equity participation in Shaanxi Aerospace Power High-tech Company Ltd. (stock code: 600343).
Over the past years, Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute has won more than 40 awards at state level for significant achievements, more than 240 awards at provincial or ministerial level for scientific and technological progresses, including the National Gold Medal for Quality and National Silver Medal for Quality awarded to several types of engines for Long March series. Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute is also winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal and Prize for Outstanding Contribution to China's Manned Space Program.
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