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  Basic Theory Research
Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute has a special research centre for basic theory research on liquid propellant rocket engines, as well as spray, combustion, stability, heat transfer and thermal protection of combustion devices, etc.
Through use of the high speed flow field dynamic analysis system, particle dynamic analyzer (PDA), particle image velocimetry (PIV) system, laser/fluorescence mixture ratio experimental system, and corresponding auxiliaries, the research centre is able to carry out a series of experimental investigations on atomization characteristic in high pressure, vacuum and high speed airflow environment, mixing characteristics of gas-gas injector, gas-liquid injector, or liquid-liquid injector, as well as associated flow characteristics of gas-liquid flow field. Additionally, the research centre can study the acoustic characteristics and combustion stability of combustion devices with acoustic characteristic experimental system and combustion stability thermo-simulation experiment system. Using gas element analyzer, high-speed infrared temperature measurement system, the species concentrations and the temperature distribution of the gas (such as NO, NO2, CO, CO2, OH, and so on) can be measured. Experimental studies on combustion characteristics of different fuels can be conducted with experimental systems in different specifications.
In recent years, the research centre has exploited their traditional technical advantage in combustion, heat and mass transfer, and aerodynamics, and developed a variety of technologies in possession of intellectual property rights, such as oxygen-rich combustion technology, low-nitrogen combustion technology, SCR-SNCR denitrification technology, industrial waste (including exhaust gas and liquid waste) incineration treatment, recovery technology of waste heat, and so on. The research centre has provided a full range of services to the electric power energy, petrochemistry, coal chemistry, metallurgy, natural gas, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry and other industries. These services include research, development and production of important technical equipments, as well as EPC general contract.
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