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  Design and Simulation
After more than 50 years of painstaking effort on liquid rocket engines, Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute has established distinct superiority in the resources of highly talented professionals and core technologies of liquid rocket engine. The institute possesses advanced equipments in thermal engineering, rotary machinery, special valves, special sealing products, measure and control system, etc. The institute has developed platforms with self-owned intellectual property rights for liquid rocket engine knowledge management and digitized design. The integration of engine design and performance analysis tools (including commercial software and self-developed software) of engine thermodynamics, gas dynamics, combustion, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, etc, gets through the data stream in design, and all the procedures of product design are parameterized. Meanwhile, the realization of joint modeling of 3D CAD and CAE model to the product design, parameter calculation and 3D structure design, enhances the design efficiency, and shortens the developing period. Correspondingly, various capabilities as the following are formed:
Capability of Simulation and Analysis
System Integrated Simulation and Analysis
Simulation and analysis of key component performance, dynamic characteristics of structures and thermodynamic flow field can be conducted through using a range of modern analysis tools, such as those for fluid flow and atomizing process simulation, fluid analysis, fluid machinery simulation, combustion process simulation and dynamic characteristics simulation. An integrated simulation platform of thermodynamic system is established, which can achieve virtual test, parameter matching and optimization of the system.
Combustion Simulation and Analysis
In recent years, with the development of space technology application industry, the institute takes full advantage of its expertise and experience in combustion simulation to develop products for civilian market in the fields of energy, chemical, metallurgy and environmental protection, which acquires a great of achievements. Rich experience has been gained in simulation and analysis of combustion, including combustion process in industrial furnace, operation status of the burner, performance evaluations and so on.
Heat Transfer Simulation and Analysis
Based on basic theory research for several years and closely combining with practical experience in actual products, the institute has established a set of methods for simulation and analysis of heat transfer in combustion devices. In recent years, these methods have been utilized to develop products for civilian applications, and a lot of technical difficulties have been overcome, including design and varification calculation of special heat-exchange equipments, integrated solutions for temperature abnormal of combustion devices, integrated solutions for heat protection/heat insulation of incinerators, and it acquires a great of achievements.
Flow Field Simulation and Analysis
The institute has a comprehensive capability in flow field simulation and analysis. They have long been involved in simulations and analyses of the inner flow field of the typical components, including nozzles, rotating machineries, combustion devices, control valves, rectifiers, and air intakes. The simulation objects include low-speed incompressible flow field, as well as transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows. Many verifications and modifications to models have been done according to the experimental results, where a great deal of practical experience has been accumulated.
Structural Strength Simulation
The institute has various kinds of large specialized software and also particular experience in structural strength simulation. Analyses and optimizations of engineering structures, integrity assessment and safety analysis of the structures can be carried out based on linear and nonlinear strength, instability, vibration characteristics and impulse response in the coupled fields. Reasonable performance index and criterion of the structures are investigated according to the performance requirement of the structures in different service conditions.
Design Capability
Thermal Engineering Technology
After over 50 years of research on the core technology of combustion devices, the institute keeps ahead in the areas of high efficiency and steady combustion, reliable igniting, safety detonation (start), convection heat transfer enhancing, thermal protection of high-heat flux, simulations of gas flow at high temperature and high speed, etc., and therefore it can offer the customer a complete set of technical solutions to the related issues.
Rotating Machinery Technology
The institute has strong research and development capability in rotating machinery, especially in the low-temperature and high-speed/super-low specific speed/large flow and high head pumps, high-speed impulse turbine and reaction turbine, mechanical seals, etc. The efficiency and anti-cavitation performance of the pumps have reached the world-advanced level. With industry-leading digital design ability, the institute can carry out simulations of steady or unsteady flow, gas-liquid two-phase flow, fluid-thermal-structure multi-field coupling, and rotor dynamics in the complex inner flow field of impeller, and design optimization as well.
Special Valve Technology
The institute possesses core technology and independent research and development capabilities for all kinds of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic valves, as well as pressure-regulating devices and flow rate regulating devices. The working mediums of the valves cover gas, liquid and non Newtonian fluids with high temperature, low temperature or corrosivity. Performances of the valves, such as the working pressure, flow range, regulation precision and respond characteristics have reached the domestic leading level. The institute has expertise in: steady and unsteady flow simulation of the complex inner flow field within valves, electromagnetic field analysis, simulation of heat emitting and heat transfer of the coils, semi-physical simulation and analysis of dynamic characteristics and digitalized design. The institute developed a series of professional optimization design software with self-owned intellectual property. Furthermore, capabilities in precision machining, accurate measurement, performance test, hydraulic and liquid flow test, environment test, life test, and so on are available.
Special Sealing Technology
The institute has a self-contained research centre for sealing technologies with complete design, production and test capability. The sealing products designed and developed by the centre can operate in a wide range of conditions, such as high-speed medium, high or low-temperature medium, high or low-pressure medium, gas, liquid and corrosive medium. In many specialist areas, such as the research work on sealing mechanism, the seal structure design and production technology, sealing materials, sealing product testing, and the storage life evaluation of the non-metal sealing, the institute has reached leading level in China.
Measurement and Control Technology
Complete electrical system configuring solution can be provided to the customer, including providing of sensors, transmitters, signal conditioning modules, driving modules of actuators, cables, controllers, field bus, and software. Design, production and test services are also within our business. The institute has accumulated rich design and application experiences in signal detection field, especially signals of pressure, temperature, rotation rate, flux, etc. It has the first-class production line of sputtered thin-film pressure sensors in China. It has strong strength in the design and manufacture of special cables. Mature solutions for electrical system testing, integration and design can be provided. It has strong technical strength in development of reliable and secure embedded real-time control system, and expertise with field bus real-time communication systems as RS-422/485 and CAN. It has the design capability of all kinds of high-reliable controller, such as actuator controller, single loop controller, burner controller and the integrated system, auto electronic controller, etc.
Strong technical strength and mature solutions for test system configuring, detection and control system design, integration and deployment are available. It has accumulated rich experiences in fluid experiment, combustion control and test, vibration detection and analysis, etc.
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