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  Combustor Products
The combustor products mainly include waste acid incineration and reclamation combustor, sulfur reclamation combustor, low NOx and heavy oil combustor, coke oven heating combustor, and spray gun/nozzle series, which have been widely used in petrochemical and especially coal chemical industries. In the coal-fired system of thermal power plant, it also has important applications in the improvement of combustion efficiency and reduction of nitrogen oxides emission.
Published: 2012-10-31

Published: 2012-10-31

Published: 2012-10-31

    • 燃气成分:LPG、天然气、焦炉煤气• 燃烧能力:5~100Nm3/h• 工况变化范围大,燃料流量变化范围大• 分级燃烧方式• 燃料适应性强• 大流量不脱火• 小流量不回火

    废硫酸通过焚烧裂解,将废酸中杂质焚烧去除,生成SO2,水,再通过氧化吸收工艺生成98%以上的浓硫酸。 利用探月工程发动机变推力调节技术设计的可调流量燃烧器,能够大范围变化流量时保证燃烧稳定可靠,同时保证供应压力变化较小。适合用于流量波动较大的条件。 喷嘴结构示意图 未喷入水之前的火...

    •燃料成分:重油•燃烧能力:213~3200kg/h•雾化介质:蒸汽 <0.785Mpa•浓淡燃烧方式控制NOx•大调节比•气耗率小 5%•结构简单,出力大
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